Azzetis is the Asset Management Information System designed to assist organizations on managing their assets, calculate depreciation and daily reporting.

The download file contains two files.

  • Setup file for installation of Azzetis.
  • Database is MySQL data structure.

The software requires the following third party programs. 

  • Server: SCS recommend XAMP and you can download and learn how to install  here.
  • Microsoft Dot Net Framework 4.5 or above and you can download and learn how to install here.

EASY-TO-USE: The software has been designed in such away, all your organization’s asset data made accessible, adaptable, and reliable. A 30 minutes of our online video training can be enough to cover all aspect of asset management in AZZETS.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheet Well, we all know how spreadsheet helps us to reach where we are now but we do agree that Asset management doesn’t want spreadsheet. AZZETS gives much compare to excel and no need to define formula.

Export reports to Excel, Word and PDF: AZZETIS has enough reports to enhance your decision making on assets management. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and PDF in one click for further business activities.

Calculate Depreciation: AZZETIS use straight line and reducing balance methods to calculate depreciation. The good thing in AZZETIS, depreciation calculated on daily basis. So, it is easy to know the depreciation charges and the assets balance on each day.

Use Barcode and Real-Time Tracking: You can print and label all your assets. Labeling simplify the process of tracking your asset with a barcode scanner. AZZETIS support Code128 Barcode Standard.

Low cost of ownership: Don’t let your sunk costs in spreadsheets stop you from exploring other opportunities to finally manage your assets accurately. AZZETIS came with different pricing blocks every organization can afford while it increase efficiency and productivity.

Security: AZZETIS required a username and password to login. Password is encrypted and user activities are monitored for maximum security.

Desktop and Web: The software has been designed for desktop and web. The desktop version can do all processes designed for asset management officers while the web version is for managers.

Try Demo Version of AZZETIS here.

Basic Plan:

  • Cost per user account: 1,280,000.00
  • Basic Setup
  • Straight Line Method

Advanced Plan:

  • Cost per user account: 1,664,000.00
  • Basic Setup
  • Straight Line Method + Reducing Balance Method

Premium Plan:

  • Cost per user account: 2,163,200.00
  • Basic Setup
  • Straight Line Method + Reducing Balance Method
  • Depreciation Adjustment
  •  Barcode Labeling

Bank Transfer:

  • Bank Name: The Peoples Bank of Zanzibar
  • Account Number: 0405608000
  • Branch: FORODHANI

Mobile Money:

  • EzyPesa: 0777118462
  • TigoPesa: 0711567139 

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